SiRamik Glass Coat

We are proud to be a Siramik accredited detailer.

Siramik Glass coat would like to introduce our new Advanced Protection Technology for vehicle paintwork, glass, wheels and plastic.

This is a 2 part system that contains extreme elements of Silicon to form an ultra-durable and tough coating that has the ability to withstand levels of bird lime, marring and the like with a potential durability of over 3+ years.

Advanced Protection Technology takes 2 coatings where combined boast 175% glass ingredient, but it doesn’t end there as these can also be used in conjunction with SC15 to produce not only a super durable protection package but one that looks stunning with levels of gloss not usually associated from these types of coatings.

Paint Correction

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SC-HR Heat Resistance Coating

This is the base layer, containing the highest silicon of the 2 coatings this has been formulated to withstand heat to the extreme temperatures of exhausts and engine components and is ideally suited for alloy wheels and brake callipers, as the base layer for the paintwork this is the toughest and strongest we can offer and alone will provide in excess of 2+ years, it is also currently undergoing tests for a hard glass coating for satin or matt finish paintwork.

Paint Protection

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Ultima is the upper coating that will provide the extreme gloss and crisp clear looks that will create an unbelievable hydrophobic layer, adding further protection and superior cleaning abilities. Ultima is also as with SC-HR suitable for all plastics where durability is again excellent. As with coatings of this technology most would require infra-red drying times but Ultima is a 60 minute fast cure with no IR needed, however overnight cure indoors or undercover is imperative to the coatings initial protection as complete cure is 60 hours.

How and where is it applied?

APT (Advanced Protection Technology) can only be applied by a recognised and accredited Siramik Glass coat application specialist where the vehicle in question will be subjected to numerous levels of decontamination and cleansing processes prior to any machine correction that may be needed before applying no less than 2 layers of the coatings on the paintwork and 1 of SC-HR on wheels, a protective coat yet to be determined will also be added for protection of the coating whilst within the first 60 hours where full hardness is achieved.

Diamas Professionali

Siramik Glasscoat would like to introduce our new liquid protection technology for vehicle paintwork, glass, wheels, and plastic. Diamis Professionali, never has been done before and Siramik Gloasscoat are proud to be the first paintwork protection brand in the world to introduce a true diamond coating for vehicle paintwork. Over 12 months of research, testing and development have now come to fruition and we can now unleash the ground breaking technology of Diamis Professionali.

Diamis Professionali contains Aggregated Diamond Nanorod’s sometimes referred to as ADNR’s, with this we have taken liquid protection to the highest possible place where crystal clear paintwork is the result of an optically clear coating that will not mute any candy’s, flips, flake or pearls meaning the paint you choose is the paint you see.

With diamond well known as the hardest material known to man and the most precious Diamis Professionali utilizes ADNR’s in sizes no greater than 3-4n meaning on a nano scale these are used as an anchor for the coating which in turn strengthens the later applied giving a more stable protective barrier, as a while ADNR@s have a combined strength of which has been measured at stronger than diamond itself.